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Pictures taken on 02/20/08

id: 23497
The lunar eclipse is starting!
id: 23498
Slowly progressing
id: 23499
It was still a little cloudy at this point
id: 23500
More eclipse
id: 23501
A dragon is eating the moon!!
id: 23502
I came back out later and the moon was almost gone
id: 23503
I had to crank up the sensitivity on my camera because it had gotten much darker
id: 23504
Looks like the total eclipse is ending
id: 23505
The moon over Bullock hall
id: 23506
Red moon
id: 23507
Getting a little brighter
id: 23508
This is a fifteen second exposure.. it's amazing how much the earth moves in such a short period of time. Look at the stars!
id: 23509
Good night moon
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