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Pictures taken on 03/08/08

id: 23583
A lot more people showed up to the midnight release than I expected
id: 23584
I guess Bryce was right after all
id: 23585
Tony and James weren't even buying a copy
id: 23586
We stood around for a while trying to figure out the situation
id: 23587
GameStop had their cage thing down
id: 23588
Tony standing around
id: 23589
James this this whole situation is ridiculous
id: 23590
But they had nothing better to do
id: 23591
Surveying the crowd..
id: 23592
See? I told you
id: 23593
Our first glimpse of Brawl in the real world
id: 23594
It looked gorgeous
id: 23595
First we got in a line to pay for our game early
id: 23596
This guy was trying to figure out how the tournament was going to work
id: 23597
Bryce was impressed
id: 23598
This guy has a Wii shirt!
id: 23599
The guy in front of Bryce digs deep into his wallet..
id: 23600
..and forks over the $50 for the game
id: 23601
We went to an Uno's while we waited for midnight. Tony got a martini
id: 23602
These chumps just got water
id: 23603
S|B did not actually stand for "smash brothers"
id: 23604
James making fun of how Bryce kept rubbing his face
id: 23605
And then laughed about it
id: 23606
James "rocks out" outside of Unos
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