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Pictures taken on 03/21/08

id: 23754
There was an uncontrollable mob in the video room at 8am on the first day of the con
id: 23755
Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes!
id: 23756
Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3!
id: 23757
These guys wouldn't let me take their picture till they fixed their question mark.. surprise!
id: 23758
A flash picture of the MGS3 group
id: 23759
Poor Snake, what will he do now?
id: 23760
Bryce checks out the schedule
id: 23761
The infamous "white supremecist" bottles. The bottle people printed the file NAME instead of the contents! I'm just bummed I didn't get one!
id: 23762
Dave on the computer
id: 23763
Domo-kun loves his Companion Cube
id: 23764
Chilling around Tech Ops in the afternoon
id: 23765
Bulma and Piccolo!
id: 23766
A storm trooper!
id: 23767
An awesome Bowser!
id: 23768
Bowser with a little more perspective
id: 23769
James loves Anime Boston
id: 23770
James and some cosplayers in line for pizza
id: 23771
I love watching the interaction of cosplayers with normal people.. but it's hard to convey in a picture
id: 23772
Chrono makes his way through the food court
id: 23773
Card Captor Sakura gets some coffee
id: 23774
Even anime characters need to use the ATM now and then
id: 23775
My people!
id: 23776
The registration line was epic
id: 23777
I heard that at one point there was a three hour wait just to get in the line!
id: 23778
This guy stole Snake's box from Smash Brothers Brawl
id: 23779
Asahina poses in her bunny-girl outfit!
id: 23780
So I heard...
id: 23781
This guy had a working monitor playing DDR on his head!
id: 23782
People milling around the dealer's room
id: 23783
Dealer's room!
id: 23784
Hey, you've got red on you
id: 23785
That's right, it's Shaun from Shaun of the Dead
id: 23786
Mr. Game and Watch!
id: 23787
An incredible Ursula from The Little Mermaid
id: 23788
The same shot, but with flash
id: 23789
I ran into Venus again, the cool musical Link cosplayer I met at ConnectiCon 2006
id: 23790
Venus Link again with flash
id: 23791
TF2 cosplayers! We've got spy vs spy.. vs scout
id: 23792
And the scout is after the intelligence!
id: 23793
I'm not sure how Waldo got dragged into all of this
id: 23794
Red spy and blue spy!
id: 23795
Venus again! This time she's gotten herself into a fight with some Final Fantasy characters
id: 23796
Go Links!
id: 23797
Mudkip has made it onto an official sign!
id: 23798
The crowd packs in for the AMV contest
id: 23799
Bryce is having the time of his life
id: 23800
Yes, the guy in the lobster suit is the same guy who was in the banana suit last year. You can apparently tell by the shoes..
id: 23801
Hmm, there seems to be a crowd outside of main events
id: 23802
That is a lot of anime fans
id: 23803
Holy crap! Look how far back it goes!!
id: 23804
I'm not sure who this is, but neat costume!
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