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Pictures taken on 03/23/08

id: 23987
A better shot of the ginormous Nintendo gun used in Duck Hunt
id: 23988
Dick Tripwire oddly pats a voice actor on the head
id: 23989
Dick Tripwire surveys the crowd
id: 23990
Look how many people showed up to Hentai Dubbing!
id: 23991
Yes, that's right. Hentai Dubbing was in Main Events this year!
id: 23992
Dick Tripwire cues up the DVD
id: 23993
Dick picked the guy on the right just cause it was so weird. "I don't even care if it's a chick in there, just get up here"
id: 23994
Dick and the voice actor performed what must be the first ever live music AMV
id: 23995
Mike asked Dick Tripwire to sign some hentai he had produced
id: 23996
Mr. Tripwire was happy to oblige
id: 23997
Quite a souvenir for Mike!
id: 23998
We found Pimp Mario, the guy who saved the day at Hentai Dubbing with his hilarious performance
id: 23999
I guess us anime fans are just a bunch of heathans
id: 24000
Bryce helps out with packing up this screen
id: 24001
Mike removes some screws
id: 24002
Mike and Bryce were on the black team, I was on red, but we were all in the "Tactical Umbrella Squad"
id: 24003
Staffers of all colors gather around
id: 24004
Bryce found some manga in a room
id: 24005
Bryce and Mike take a quick break
id: 24006
Dismantling the projector
id: 24007
Careful with that lens!
id: 24008
Everyone gets ready to pick up the projector
id: 24009
Mike helped lower a very large and expensive projector in Main Events
id: 24010
Main Events looks much larger when the wall separating it from Hall C was removed
id: 24011
Chair towers!
id: 24012
Mike coils some cable
id: 24013
This girl was in charge of picking up all the tape, the ball got pretty big
id: 24014
The ball grows!
id: 24015
Hey, it's Fred again! Now he's lowering cable
id: 24016
I found this on the floor
id: 24017
Well, I went to the website, but it was the anti-scientology site I'd already seen
id: 24018
Mike Lee in his element
id: 24019
The final ball. All this tape was just from Main Events, and I think it doesn't include the balcony
id: 24020
Bryce checks up on the internet
id: 24021
Mike takes a picture of the poor, collapsed crab
id: 24022
I take a picture of the poor, collapsed crab
id: 24023
Bye crab
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