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Pictures taken on 03/24/08

id: 24024
A closeup on the front of my staff shirt
id: 24025
I lived in this shirt all weekend
id: 24026
The artwork for this year was a giant squid attacking Boston!
id: 24027
I got a red shirt when I was assigned to the red team for teardown
id: 24028
Tactical Umbrella Squad!
id: 24029
I bought this 1up shirt in the Dealer's Room!
id: 24030
I bought this NERV shirt in the Dealer's Room!
id: 24031
I finally have a Black Mesa shirt!
id: 24032
This shirt was a triumph!
id: 24033
And hell, why not. A lolzilla
id: 24034
I also got an Anime Boston patch
id: 24035
I managed to get this sweet Haruhi poster for free!
id: 24036
This wallscroll, however, was not free
id: 24037
All told I ended up with 7 shirts, a poster, a wall scroll, a water bottle, a patch, and some great pictures and memories. See you all next year!
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