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Pictures taken on 05/05/08

id: 24135
We all went to Moe's for Cinco de Mayo
id: 24136
James digs into his burrito
id: 24137
Two Moe's veterans
id: 24138
Go, Brandon, go
id: 24139
Uhoh, busted
id: 24140
James caught me taking pictures too
id: 24141
Hi James
id: 24142
Rosie's having fun
id: 24143
Tony sat at the end of the table
id: 24144
id: 24145
id: 24146
James with his cup
id: 24147
What's up James
id: 24148
Bryce looks around
id: 24149
Look at all the bottles the guys at the end of the hall threw out!
id: 24150
So many empty bottles!
id: 24151
Jim Beam isn't cheap, either
id: 24152
Lots of whiskey for eight people.. not all that much beer, really
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