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Pictures taken on 05/10/08

id: 24362
Uhoh, John is armed and dangerous
id: 24363
James is a slob, and a Saiyan.. a sloban
id: 24364
He was sure having a good time though
id: 24365
John examines the Maverick
id: 24366
Brett rambles about something
id: 24367
Bryce and James prepare for a confessional
id: 24368
The scouters were a must
id: 24369
Looking good, guys
id: 24370
This was taken in the middle of the video
id: 24371
Bryce prepares for the second part of the confessional
id: 24372
I forget what he was going to say, everyone crashed in spilling alcohol, so I left
id: 24373
Bryce doesn't know what tragic fate awaits him..
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