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Pictures taken on 05/13/08

id: 24377
Clark James has, without a doubt, the coolest yearbook quote ever
id: 24378
Bryce at the awkard senior brunch thing
id: 24379
James had a little trouble getting his sweatshirt off
id: 24380
Rosie got crammed into the corner
id: 24381
Brandon and Smash got near the aisle
id: 24382
Construction has already started on the new library section
id: 24383
This used to be the 24 hour study room
id: 24384
Construction guy tearing stuff up
id: 24385
id: 24386
The stairs are gone!
id: 24387
A big chunk of the ramp too
id: 24388
Bulldozer thing
id: 24389
Pushing debris around
id: 24390
Outside of Hughes
id: 24391
id: 24392
The infamous Meatwad car. Why is it called the Meatwad car?
id: 24393
Because Meatwad is on it
id: 24394
It hasn't moved since last year....
id: 24395
That tree
id: 24396
The stupid party tent
id: 24397
I hate this tent
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