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Pictures taken on 05/14/08

id: 24398
The Florence St Apartment thought it would be cool to get Moe's catering
id: 24399
The food came in giant boxes
id: 24400
James and Bryce unpacking food
id: 24401
There was way too much food
id: 24402
Lots of condiments
id: 24403
Cheese, beans, beef.. all kinds of stuff
id: 24404
Bryce and James moving stuff around
id: 24405
The food again
id: 24406
What's in the tray, Tony?
id: 24407
id: 24408
Tony poses with the burritos
id: 24409
Tony and Michele goofing off
id: 24410
Why does everyone look so tense?
id: 24411
A burrito is missing!
id: 24412
How did this happen??
id: 24413
Mike made this cool skeleton
id: 24414
Everyone digs in
id: 24415
Om nom nom nom
id: 24416
The quote wall
id: 24417
Hanging out on the couch
id: 24418
Mike and Nicole
id: 24419
Brett looks thoughtful
id: 24420
Patrick has been evicted
id: 24421
I'd be upset too
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