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Pictures taken on 05/17/08

id: 24429
Chris came for Math alumni day.. Sternberg was showing off my poster
id: 24430
Chris and Sternberg
id: 24431
Vlad came too!
id: 24432
Chris stands around
id: 24433
It's cell phone time?
id: 24434
id: 24435
What the hell is Tony doing?
id: 24436
The stupid party tent
id: 24437
It was hot, humid, loud, and social... it was the worst
id: 24438
This was projected on the wall
id: 24439
James enjoyed it
id: 24440
Bryce seems skeptical
id: 24441
What's Alicia looking at?
id: 24442
Rosie and Brett had fun too
id: 24443
Rosie, Brett, and John
id: 24444
Michele action shot!
id: 24445
See you in hell, party tent
id: 24446
Wright Hall's lounge
id: 24447
It was even lamer than I remembered
id: 24448
The pool table looks better
id: 24449
A familiar hallway
id: 24450
A longer exposure of the hallway
id: 24451
My freshman door!
id: 24452
Uncle Sam's!
id: 24453
I wish I knew about this place when I was a freshman
id: 24454
The awesome guys who work at Uncle Sam's!
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