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Pictures taken on 05/23/08

id: 24581
Who's that guy in the chair?
id: 24582
Hmm.. he seems familiar
id: 24583
Well there's Carl..
id: 24584
Oh it's Wacko! Jon and his friend Carl crashed at my Mom's house for a couple of nights
id: 24585
Becky made me a mix CD for our drive
id: 24586
Mom checks out the car
id: 24587
Bye Becky! See you in a few months!
id: 24588
Bye Gragra!
id: 24589
This is my new GPS unit. I named it Cortana and can never drive without it again
id: 24590
A huge cargo jet flew by on our way out of Massachusetts
id: 24591
There it goes!
id: 24592
Neat hills
id: 24593
On the open road..
id: 24594
New York!
id: 24595
Old bridge, new bridge
id: 24596
Blue bridge
id: 24597
..old bridge
id: 24598
id: 24599
Pretty far from Buffalo
id: 24600
$3.99 gas!
id: 24601
id: 24602
More cows
id: 24603
Mom on the phone at a rest stop
id: 24604
Leaving the rest stop
id: 24605
id: 24606
Houses in the distance
id: 24607
Cloud shelf
id: 24608
Blasted rock
id: 24609
Sloping street
id: 24610
The hotel at the Day's Inn
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