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Pictures taken on 05/25/08

id: 24686
My car!
id: 24688
The Dayton skyline
id: 24689
There are a lot of "turn only" lanes here
id: 24690
I just thought this sign was neat
id: 24691
A giant train
id: 24692
A satellite dish
id: 24693
The building in the back is City Hall
id: 24694
A creepy statue!
id: 24695
What the hell??
id: 24696
A fancy church
id: 24697
A tandem bike
id: 24698
A weird antenna tower
id: 24699
I thought this building was interesting..
id: 24700
Oh boy
id: 24701
The Dayton cops are everywhere and really love that radar gun
id: 24702
I cut him off a little, but you can see the cop with the radar gun out
id: 24703
This guy was walking down the highway
id: 24704
Probably related to this car
id: 24705
This one's for you, Mike
id: 24706
My temporary chair
id: 24707
I love my giant table
id: 24708
I needed a new TV, so I got a small HDTV
id: 24709
The room is much nicer with my posters up
id: 24710
I also got a tree lamp
id: 24711
Flight of the Conchords on my sweet new TV!
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