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Pictures taken on 07/04/08

id: 25007
Bryce holds back Pepper
id: 25008
Bryce talks to Tony
id: 25009
Bryce, Alan, Amanda, Vic, and I headed over to Matt's house for BBQ and fireworks.. lots of new faces
id: 25010
Alan, Amanda, and Vic hang out on the back porch
id: 25011
This guy brought some tiny cannons
id: 25012
Bryce was having fun
id: 25013
Cover your ears!
id: 25014
Everyone gathered around the cannons
id: 25015
Alan was pretty into taking pictures
id: 25016
Vic doesn't care about his hearing. Amanda does.
id: 25017
So does Bryce
id: 25018
id: 25019
id: 25020
Preparing a tiny cannon
id: 25021
Bryce was pretty relaxes
id: 25022
id: 25023
We eventually moved to the backyard because the cannons were too loud for the people in front
id: 25024
It took around fifteen attempts for this shot, but it came out pretty great
id: 25025
Rain on the lens and tiny cannon firing
id: 25026
Matt's house is really really close to where they set off the firework display
id: 25027
This is the view from his front porch
id: 25028
You could really feel the blast
id: 25029
Eventually a car alarm went off
id: 25030
Alan convinced Bryce and I to leave the front porch in favor of the back yard. Everyone else thought he was crazy
id: 25031
Alan totally called it
id: 25032
The backyard ruled. The view was way better and there was a pole I could use as a monopod
id: 25033
This one is really incredible, especially when you view the full size
id: 25034
Gotta love the bright white ones
id: 25035
A lull in the display
id: 25036
id: 25037
id: 25038
This one is all dripply
id: 25039
The finale is getting closer
id: 25040
The finale got a little out of control and totally overexposed the picture
id: 25041
There was a USED HAT in the toy claw machine
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