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Pictures taken on 07/07/08

id: 25051
Setting up for the Otaku Generation podcast
id: 25052
Matt and Bryce
id: 25053
Alan's projector and Jefferson
id: 25054
Bryce reads his Fanboy Forecast
id: 25055
This week Bryce reviewed God of War: Chains of Olympus
id: 25056
Lots of glowing monitors and such
id: 25057
Matt suddenly started screaming... well not really
id: 25058
Jefferson looks at.. something
id: 25059
I think Jefferson is on to me
id: 25060
Alan got out his magic photo.. pole
id: 25061
The podcast being recorded
id: 25062
The mixer board
id: 25063
Some sweet origami and pushies
id: 25064
I caught Alan's camera at the beginning of a flash
id: 25065
This is the webcam that people watch through on the stream
id: 25066
Getting a picture through the stream view
id: 25067
We got to watch the stream live
id: 25068
After Dan left I got his microphone!
id: 25069
My spiffy microphone
id: 25070
A closeup of the mic
id: 25071
Alan behind his microphone
id: 25072
What's with the elastics, Alan?
id: 25073
Bryce's review went on for a while
id: 25074
Almost done!
id: 25075
One last non-flash picture
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