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Pictures taken on 07/08/08

id: 25076
$4.31?? What the hell!?
id: 25077
A wind farm!
id: 25078
Wind farms rule!
id: 25079
I took about twenty pictures while not looking.. a few came out pretty good
id: 25080
id: 25081
Gotta love tolls..
id: 25082
Ever paid fourteen bucks for a toll? I have.
id: 25083
Driving along
id: 25084
A bridge!
id: 25085
Take me hoooome, country roooads
id: 25086
The speed limit is 70 miles per hour!
id: 25087
This sign seems kind of pointless
id: 25088
There are a lot of confrontational and religious signs out in this part of the country..
id: 25089
Another bridge
id: 25090
Back in Ohio!
id: 25091
That's probably good advice. It's hard to smoke a gas anyway
id: 25092
404 - mile not found
id: 25093
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