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Pictures taken on 08/09/08

id: 25274
The AMV contest ballot
id: 25275
Vic is the president of VicBond-con
id: 25276
McKeed's all about the jazz fingers
id: 25277
VicBond and J-Bone
id: 25278
Funny joke
id: 25279
Amanda is having fun
id: 25280
My Engineer costume without the goggles
id: 25281
Engineer costume with goggles
id: 25282
OK, now this is pretty crowded. Note that this is the area I've taken several escalator shots from
id: 25283
McKeed on the phone
id: 25284
Looking over the menu
id: 25285
Tony decides what to order
id: 25286
id: 25287
Chopsticks are ready
id: 25288
Sitting around waiting for food
id: 25289
McKeed strains under the load of the giant sushi platter
id: 25290
We got a lot of sushi
id: 25291
id: 25292
Render chan sits on the stage during Iron Editor
id: 25293
Bryce concentrates on Iron Editor
id: 25294
The crowd at Iron Editor
id: 25295
Bryce working
id: 25296
McKeed, Bryce, and Vic during Iron Editor
id: 25297
I was on stage for a minute delivering a jump drive and took the opportunity to show Bryce's view of the crowd.. lots of people
id: 25298
Luigi, Peach, and Mario!
id: 25299
Bryce wears Tony's Bryce mask
id: 25300
Jefferson tries the Bryce mask
id: 25301
Tony was pretty proud of his mask, Bryce thought it was pretty funny
id: 25302
Albert's turn
id: 25303
McKeed emerging from Bryce's head
id: 25304
Jefferson dances!
id: 25305
Albert, McKeed, and Bryce
id: 25306
McKeed defended his title! Congrats, Iron Editor Bryce!
id: 25307
Bryce was pretty excited
id: 25308
A drunken SMS conversation between Bryce and Mike (VegettoEX)
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