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Pictures taken on 08/10/08

id: 25309
A big sign in the distance
id: 25310
Bryce at dinner
id: 25311
Looking good, Bryce
id: 25312
Meri (who did the One Guitar AMV) poses for a picture
id: 25313
I caught a flash from the camera!
id: 25314
Baltimore lights
id: 25315
More Baltimore lights
id: 25316
A 30 second exposure!
id: 25317
The blue lines are from the elevators going up and down
id: 25318
Gross posing
id: 25319
Phone time
id: 25320
AMV creators
id: 25321
AMV nerds
id: 25322
Brad strikes a pose
id: 25323
Bryce at UNO's
id: 25324
Bryce and Mike
id: 25325
Mike looks like he's suspicious of something
id: 25326
McKeed and Joanna
id: 25327
Vic and Albert
id: 25328
Bryce is looking good in his "wife beater"
id: 25329
McKeed drunkenly explains stuff
id: 25330
It was a funny night
id: 25331
Nice license plate
id: 25332
The Harry Potter Puppet Pals!
id: 25333
Some cosplayers standing around
id: 25334
Meep Mop and Bryce!
id: 25335
Sonic in a crowd
id: 25336
id: 25337
Bryce with his Meep Mop
id: 25338
A sweet Bubblegum Crisis cosplay
id: 25339
I really like this shot because I took it through a hole in the crowd, so most of the people are blurry
id: 25340
My tiny Meep Mop!
id: 25341
Pedobear is chasing a girl! Look out!
id: 25342
Ahhh, pedobear!!
id: 25343
This PSP was watching me
id: 25344
A space shuttle / T-rex transformer!
id: 25345
This.. is a dude.
id: 25346
I didn't see this guy again, so I only got this shot from behind.. he's a Metal Gear Solid codec call!
id: 25347
We passed through Delaware on the way to and from the con
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