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Pictures taken on 11/27/08

id: 25937
Come on, Gragra, let's see a smile
id: 25938
There we go
id: 25939
id: 25940
id: 25941
Mom sets up the table
id: 25942
The table is set
id: 25943
Another shot of the table
id: 25944
Isabelle hangs out near the couch
id: 25945
Mom brings the turkey out
id: 25946
Cutting turkey!
id: 25947
The turkey never stood a chance
id: 25948
Becky getting food
id: 25949
Gragra's having fun
id: 25950
Cutting turkey
id: 25951
Mom sitting around
id: 25952
Becky and Gragra!
id: 25953
Mom's weird "brined" turkey
id: 25954
The turkey was good
id: 25955
Mom was having fun
id: 25956
Turkey pepper shaker!
id: 25957
Isabelle was lurking under the table
id: 25958
Becky was pumped for Guitar Hero
id: 25959
She's actually just navigating the menu here
id: 25960
OK, now she's really playing
id: 25961
Mom's first pumpkin pie!
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