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Pictures taken on 05/21/09

id: 26271
Arriving at the Hynes!
id: 26272
Nerds trying to get hotel rooms
id: 26273
A Microsoft Surface table. I tried it. it stunk.
id: 26274
The obligatory hotel room window shot
id: 26275
But hey! This year I can see MIT!
id: 26276
The Greene building
id: 26277
The MIT Dome and the Greene building
id: 26278
A test grid on one of the screens in Main Events
id: 26279
We all came in to check out Main Events
id: 26280
We got a cool circle this year
id: 26281
Big ol' TVs
id: 26282
A crane thing!
id: 26283
Lots of chairs
id: 26284
Unloading stuff in the loading dock
id: 26285
Standing around waiting for stuff to carry
id: 26286
This is how you move lights!
id: 26287
Don't get in the way when they lower stuff!
id: 26288
The elevator wouldn't move or open! We were trapped! Only for a few minutes though
id: 26289
Help us!
id: 26290
Francis in the loading dock
id: 26291
Tech Ops!
id: 26292
Getting everyone together for the staff photo
id: 26293
Oranges and Blues mixing together. How sweet
id: 26294
Mike Lee talks to Stephen
id: 26295
Blue Hair Guy!
id: 26296
Dave takes a Tech staff picture
id: 26297
Mike Lee gives a profanity laden intro speech. Good stuff
id: 26298
Tech people!
id: 26299
More Tech people!
id: 26300
I could see the Citgo sign from my window
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