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Pictures taken on 05/22/09

id: 26301
Cosplayers in the hall
id: 26302
Where are you taking that white mage?
id: 26303
This guy was being pushed down the hall on a skateboard
id: 26304
Tony came this year!
id: 26305
As Tech staff no less!
id: 26306
An angel fight in the hallway! Go Hikaru!
id: 26307
My schedule with work shifts and intersting events blocked off
id: 26308
Princess Tutu cosplayers in the hall
id: 26309
These guys were kind of creepy
id: 26310
The 3rd floor hallway
id: 26311
id: 26312
I really love this picture
id: 26313
The new B-kun with A-chan in her second year
id: 26314
Mike really went all out this year and got an LED screen!
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