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Pictures taken on 05/23/09

id: 26315
The big board in Tech
id: 26316
Veronica Taylor: The voice of Ash Ketchum in Pokemon
id: 26317
The audience was rapt
id: 26318
Ash looks pretty psyched to be hanging out with his voice
id: 26319
One of the big screens had a problem..
id: 26320
Mup.sys always takes forever
id: 26321
I felt bad for making all these guys get up and pose but it was totally worth it
id: 26322
Hey it's Boston!
id: 26323
Booo, go away Godzilla!
id: 26324
The Prudential and John Hancock tower
id: 26325
This dude has a suit made out of condoms.. for some reason
id: 26326
Hey I thought they said not to alter the shirts!
id: 26327
He was getting ready to head down to Hentai Dubbing
id: 26328
This guy was pretty cool
id: 26329
A way too blurry shot of a great Dr. Wily
id: 26330
Main Events looked great when it was done
id: 26331
Lights galore!
id: 26332
Condom Man made it way down to Hentai Dubbing. I wouldn't look at what he has in his hand....
id: 26333
Mr. Dick Tripwire takes the stage
id: 26334
Rocking out on stage
id: 26335
They were singing Fat Bottomed Girls
id: 26336
Dick Tripwire was a fan of the guy in the Chewbacca suit
id: 26337
I forget what he said
id: 26338
Getting ready to do a scene
id: 26339
It's tough to talk through the mask
id: 26340
These guys ended up getting a standing ovation for their performance
id: 26341
Tony was having fun
id: 26342
This guy had a good attitude
id: 26343
Nice crown
id: 26344
The guy on the left wanted to get up there so much and was so bad
id: 26345
Asuka's having a good time
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