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Pictures taken on 07/16/09

id: 26395
Ready for action
id: 26396
The view of the street just outside the Tremont, heading to the convention center
id: 26397
I walked by this restaurant all weekend. I should've checked it out..
id: 26398
Clint, one of the fine folks at Gofer Ops
id: 26399
Gofer orientation
id: 26400
Filling out my schedule for Gofering
id: 26401
I drew Jefferson!
id: 26402
Jefferson was amused
id: 26403
Jefferson's extra comment on his schedule
id: 26404
They had some heavy duty pizza at the orientation. I passed
id: 26405
Jefferson's badge
id: 26406
Gofer Ops
id: 26407
Jefferson and other Gofers hanging around in Gofer Ops
id: 26408
The Gofer mascot!
id: 26409
This shot really gives you an idea of the number of people who come to Otakon
id: 26411
Pedobear! Ahhh!
id: 26413
A fire truck driving by
id: 26414
This woman kept screaming at people to stay in single file
id: 26415
The line wrapped entirely around the building until it doubled up on itself
id: 26416
The guys selling drinks on the street really made a killing
id: 26417
Bryce in his position at the roundtable
id: 26418
Mckeed was having a good time
id: 26419
Amanda and Vic
id: 26420
Bonsly! Don't get hit by him!
id: 26421
Jeff checks something on his phone
id: 26422
Joy and Jeff
id: 26423
Albert was having a better time than he looks here
id: 26424
Bryce's badge
id: 26425
Mckeed at the roundtable
id: 26426
My badge with my spiffy Gofer ribbon
id: 26427
Bryce and I both got one of Vic's "I'm cool with badges"
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