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Pictures taken on 07/17/09

id: 26428
Bryce has some social lubricant
id: 26429
id: 26430
Gofer Ops again
id: 26431
There was a serious Nerf arsenal at Gofer Ops
id: 26432
Let's go!
id: 26433
I was on food guarding duty for a few hours
id: 26434
I had to make sure people only took one sandwich
id: 26435
I saw Desbond from Anime Boston Tech a few times
id: 26436
These guys had to get food for a whole department
id: 26437
They managed to do it without dropping everything
id: 26438
More Nerf hardware
id: 26439
Gofer Ops hard at work
id: 26440
This sounds gross
id: 26441
Modding more Nerf guns
id: 26442
The gopher!
id: 26443
The aftermath of the Nerf SAW firing
id: 26444
Hit the deck!
id: 26445
You always have to watch your back at Gofer Ops
id: 26446
A white ranger out in the street
id: 26447
A nice Seras cosplayer
id: 26448
Hanging out on an upper level
id: 26449
Must be hard to talk through the helmet
id: 26450
Where's he going with his box?
id: 26451
That's where Otakon is!
id: 26452
This old guy was cosplaying too
id: 26453
A nice Major Kusanagi cosplayer
id: 26454
More water guys
id: 26455
Dokoro chan
id: 26456
I like the rain in this shot
id: 26457
The ice cream truck company clearly knows what's up
id: 26459
There were a lot of really good cosplayers in the group
id: 26460
I love how groups like this form.. any passing Metal Gear Solid Cosplayer joined the group
id: 26461
Another shot with a different white balance
id: 26462
Someone threw in a magazine and they all went for it
id: 26463
What's in the magazine
id: 26464
Psycho Mantis
id: 26465
Hey I have that patch
id: 26466
A very nice Meryl cosplayer
id: 26467
Fortune had a huge gun prop
id: 26468
Sniper Wolf!
id: 26469
I don't know who this is but she has a spiffy wig
id: 26470
People watching from the flag railing
id: 26471
People outside the convention center were also watching
id: 26472
Even more perfect!
id: 26473
Katamari guys on the escalator
id: 26474
Someone was helping a cosplayer get their giant costume on
id: 26475
You can see them inside
id: 26476
Ah, Hall C. Aka Video 1. Aka where the AMVs were played.
id: 26477
Rorschach walks away
id: 26478
These food stands in the middle of things were pretty convenient
id: 26479
A Resident Evil cosplay group
id: 26480
A better shot of the Resident Evil group
id: 26481
Mckeed stands alone
id: 26482
The Perfect Cell people walking away over the skybridge
id: 26483
A very enthusiastic Gurren Lagann group
id: 26484
These people were walking in the direction of the convention center. They have no idea what they're getting into
id: 26485
A Baltimore police helicopter
id: 26486
id: 26487
Looking up at flags!
id: 26488
The police helicopter again
id: 26489
Otakon attendees hanging out around the fountain
id: 26490
A group up on the bridge
id: 26491
Albert and Mckeed heading to the sushi place
id: 26492
A big boat
id: 26493
Vic is excited
id: 26494
The sushi guy taking our order
id: 26495
Jeff and Bryce talking
id: 26496
We spent a lot on sushi
id: 26497
Mckeed on the escalator
id: 26498
Bryce texts someone while sitting around
id: 26499
The fountain area again
id: 26500
This place is always packed
id: 26501
A nice shot of Bryce sitting outside of Panel Ops
id: 26502
Getting ready to count thousands of AMV contest ballots
id: 26503
We had to make sure people didn't put more than one vote in each category
id: 26504
A pile of ballots
id: 26505
Vince and Billy!
id: 26506
I'm a rebel
id: 26507
The equpiment in Video 1
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