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Pictures taken on 07/18/09

id: 26508
I'm getting conflicting messages here
id: 26509
The registration line
id: 26510
Amanda is having fun
id: 26511
Vic wakes up Alan to find out where the ballot box is
id: 26512
Domo kun!
id: 26513
The ballot box has been found!
id: 26514
People gathering in Video 1
id: 26515
A great Screaming Mantis cosplayer
id: 26516
Tons of people
id: 26517
Snake is a sneaky chap
id: 26518
Death from Soul Eater
id: 26519
I have no idea what this guy's deal is
id: 26520
Nurse Joy
id: 26521
PIkachu and Nurse Joy
id: 26522
Pikachu is always popular
id: 26523
It seems like every place had a sign that said "we're not info desk"
id: 26524
Panel Ops, where the ballots are counted
id: 26525
Alan hard at work
id: 26526
Cloud and Aeris, the flower girl
id: 26527
It's tough to tell here but people are playing pong with laser pointers
id: 26528
The projector got messed up after too much use. This is supposed to be a clean black dot
id: 26529
You can see the effect here again with the double image after "same." We thought the sun may be the culprit but it turned out to just be faulty equpiment
id: 26530
Ghostbusters and Mr. Jeff Heller
id: 26531
The ghostbusters seen from the escalator
id: 26532
Lucky Star characters hanging out on a column
id: 26533
Bryce and Brakus, ready to fight to the death
id: 26534
Mckeed, Jefferson, Brakus, Scintilla, and the other half of Aquiline Studios
id: 26535
Mckeed spotted me
id: 26536
I love this shot. Mckeed, Albert, Bryce, and Brakus
id: 26537
Bryce hard at work on his Iron Editor video
id: 26538
Brakus gets to work
id: 26539
The Iron Editor judges
id: 26540
Vic put Bryce's editing up on the big screen
id: 26541
Amanda helps Scintilla pick out a prize after winning best Upbeat video
id: 26542
Bryce won Iron Editor for a third time in a row!
id: 26543
Mckeed and Jefferson at Unos
id: 26544
Albert takes a look at Jefferson's menu
id: 26545
Omar and Jeff
id: 26546
Jeff and Joy
id: 26547
Amanda and Vic. Vic pinched his hand in some equipment
id: 26548
We were at the cool table
id: 26549
This shot of Bryce was too awful to not include
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