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Pictures taken on 07/19/09

id: 26550
Bryce gets a little breakfast
id: 26551
The Dunkin' Donuts people making my breakfast sandwich
id: 26552
Some con attendees out on the street
id: 26553
Do not walk
id: 26554
id: 26555
A construction sign
id: 26556
Spiffy hat
id: 26557
A big stuffed head
id: 26558
Nice clouds on the way to the BCC
id: 26559
Nice mask
id: 26560
A cosplayer reading in the sun
id: 26561
A stormtrooper heads across the street
id: 26562
Posing for a picture!
id: 26563
Even Aperture Science employees love Otakon!
id: 26564
Apparently there's a group that vandalizes tihs area every year. This year they went too far though.. this is permanent paint
id: 26565
Bryce with the box that saved my airsoft rifle. I put the rifle box in there so it wouldn't be obvious what I was carrying around
id: 26566
People trapped in the parking garage get out to walk around
id: 26567
Bryce was really mad
id: 26568
This was the guy in front of us
id: 26569
The gates finally started working after over 30 minutes
id: 26570
Just OK?
id: 26571
Some fellow attendees seen on the road
id: 26572
Brett sent me a picture of his Quiznos sub. Since we were heading to Quiznos in a few minutes, Bryce suggested I just send a picture back of mine. I elaborated a little.
id: 26573
You think this group is from Otakon? Spotted around an hour away..
id: 26574
Hey it's Kramer's car!
id: 26575
I think it must be for a demolition derby or something. The plate doesn't look like current New York plates
id: 26576
Pennsylvania Welcomes Yo
id: 26577
A plane
id: 26578
The airsoft rifle I picked up this year. It's become an Otakon tradition!
id: 26579
Ooo, very nice
id: 26580
I also got a Haruhi figurine
id: 26581
Here's another angle on the box
id: 26582
The figurine!
id: 26583
A closeup of the head
id: 26584
The SOS Brigade logo
id: 26585
I got this shirt from Gofer Ops
id: 26586
And I finally have an Otakon shirt
id: 26587
Hopefully next year it will be black with a little white fan in the corner
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