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Pictures taken on 09/21/09

id: 26745
Buzz tries to escape the cat carrier
id: 26746
To no avail
id: 26747
The cat carrier in the vet waiting room
id: 26748
The examination room
id: 26749
Menacing machinery
id: 26750
Buzz doesn't look too excited
id: 26751
Buzz says "do not want"
id: 26752
Weighing Buzz
id: 26753
There is no escape
id: 26754
Time to take his temperature.. you know where
id: 26755
The technician looks at Neil
id: 26756
Neil smells the scale while being weighed
id: 26757
Neil put up more of a fight when it was time for his temperature to be taken
id: 26758
The vet grabs Buzz
id: 26759
Looking at his eyes and ears..
id: 26760
The vet looks at me taking pictures
id: 26761
Listening to Buzz's heart
id: 26762
The kitties were good about the exam
id: 26763
The cat carrier on top of my car. All done!
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