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Pictures taken on 10/31/09

id: 26887
Dad hangs out in the back yard
id: 26888
Getting the charcoal ready
id: 26889
id: 26890
This is for two people... well, over a few days
id: 26891
Trying to get that cool depth of field thing going..
id: 26892
id: 26893
Dad loves barbeques!
id: 26894
Hanging out before the party
id: 26895
Flo looks alert
id: 26896
Brett is half in his Francis costume already
id: 26897
Tony is looking pretty stylish
id: 26898
If only he knew how important this gun would be by the end of the night..
id: 26899
"Is that Coach?" "Yes, he's coming to kill you." "Is that Flo?" "Yes, he's coming to kill you."
id: 26900
Rosie makes some Spooky Punch!
id: 26901
Flo keeps the chair warm
id: 26902
Brett puts his tattoos on
id: 26903
Tony plays with his butterfly knife
id: 26904
Brett made a pretty good Francis!
id: 26905
Look out for that guy behind you, Tony!
id: 26906
Shayna and Tony both went as "generic mafioiso"
id: 26907
Flo doesn't understand computers
id: 26908
John is pretty spooky..
id: 26909
John is a "generic soldier" with a kickass airsoft rifle
id: 26910
Hanging out on the couch
id: 26911
Some friends of Brett and Rosie's
id: 26912
John got a pretty sweet seat in the corner
id: 26913
Roman guy!
id: 26914
Rosie in her wig
id: 26915
Couch party!
id: 26916
Amelia Earhart and a witch!
id: 26917
Brett's brother's girlfriend was a Hunter!
id: 26918
Shayna made some pretty funny faces
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