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Pictures taken on 11/19/09

id: 27013
Pennsylvania Ave??
id: 27014
We had some great weather driving down..
id: 27015
This was the best shot I got of the Washington Monument on the drive down
id: 27016
This is the best shot I got of the Capitol all weekend
id: 27017
We drove right by the Pentagon! The blue dot is us
id: 27018
The Pentagon!
id: 27019
Our room was pretty nice
id: 27020
Bryce on the phone
id: 27021
I wasn't able to shave before l left
id: 27022
The obligatory window shot.. we didn't have a great view
id: 27023
The VAT before we got set up
id: 27024
Bryce and Alan outside the VAT
id: 27025
The ceiling in the lobby was pretty spiffy
id: 27026
Bryce called Vic to find out what was going on
id: 27027
Waiting for Vic to arrive in his van
id: 27028
Alan and Bryce waiting in the dropoff area
id: 27029
Albert, McKeed, Jeff, Bryce, Joy, and Amanda all wait for Vic to show up
id: 27030
McKeed, Alan, Jeff, Joy, and Amanda
id: 27031
The "Zerg rush" in action
id: 27032
Vic's amazing server on wheels
id: 27033
Joy and McKeed gather the stuff in the lobby
id: 27034
Everybody push!
id: 27035
Equipment begins to arrive in the VAT
id: 27036
Amanda stands guard
id: 27037
Everyone gathers around waiting for setup time
id: 27038
Albert was having a good time
id: 27039
Amanda hangs out on the floor
id: 27040
McKeed standing around
id: 27041
Mr. Burrito himself arrives
id: 27042
Alan, Albert, and Bryce in the lobby
id: 27043
Alan orders some chinese food
id: 27044
Alan and Albert in the chinese food place
id: 27045
Poor Jeff got stuck with the task of assembling the Rock Band drums
id: 27046
This was a device Vic had me attach to a mic boom so he could calibrate the projector
id: 27047
Vic supervises the drum assembly
id: 27048
Bryce looks sad in the darkness
id: 27049
McKeed and Jeff inspect the drum setup
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