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Pictures taken on 11/20/09

id: 27051
Buckyball structures!
id: 27052
McKeed finally succeeded in making an icosahedron
id: 27053
Filling in the windows..
id: 27054
And the points!
id: 27055
McKeed holds his creation
id: 27056
Rock Band!
id: 27057
Quite a band
id: 27058
Alan works on the server
id: 27059
Omar on his laptop
id: 27060
Busted by Alan
id: 27061
The cool roof
id: 27062
Looking down from the elevator
id: 27063
Congoers in the lobby
id: 27064
The line apparently starts there
id: 27065
Free Red Bull from the Red Bull truck!
id: 27066
The awesome breakfast place I heard so much about
id: 27067
Unfortunately breakfast was over
id: 27068
But it was some pretty nice Chinese food!
id: 27069
Artists Alley!
id: 27070
Waiting outside the Independence Center for some reason
id: 27071
I was really happy with this shot of Jeff and Joy I snagged from the moving elevator
id: 27072
The staff suite!
id: 27073
A great Yoko from Gurran Lagann. You can't really see her rifle here but it was great
id: 27074
Someone brought a Jaguar!!
id: 27075
Good ol' Sonic
id: 27076
Haruhi and Mario!
id: 27077
Bryce and McKeed tried some random fighting game
id: 27078
This guy was jamming all weekend with some excellent game music
id: 27079
Who you gonna call?
id: 27080
I saw this person hanging out on the balcony and thought it was neat
id: 27081
id: 27082
A very nice Zelda
id: 27083
Impressive Harley Quinn and Joker
id: 27084
Render chan!
id: 27085
id: 27086
All shaved and ready to rock
id: 27087
I saw a train from our window!
id: 27088
Bryce on duty in the booth
id: 27089
Vic's mixer
id: 27090
The server machine
id: 27091
A great Haruhi and Mikuru!
id: 27092
Bryce looks over the menu at Chili's
id: 27093
Albert too
id: 27094
A very goofy picture of Bryce and Albert posing with a giant chili pepper
id: 27095
id: 27096
Kabuto talks to Vic
id: 27097
The VAT.. aka AMV Theatre
id: 27098
I like security's uniform
id: 27099
A nice Death the Kid
id: 27100
Mel was jealous
id: 27101
A great Seras with very impressive blood splatter
id: 27102
Brian Moore, one of the co-creators of AMV Hell
id: 27103
Vic, Amanda, Brian, and Rinny
id: 27104
McKeed checks a text
id: 27105
Vic gets his hat ready
id: 27106
Vic works, Bryce drinks
id: 27107
Jackie, Brian, and me!
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