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Pictures taken on 11/21/09

id: 27108
Vic needs his "caffeine"
id: 27109
Bryce was enjoying AMV Hell
id: 27110
These guys sat behind us and knew AMV Hell better than us!
id: 27111
What the hell kind of a box set is this??
id: 27112
Omar and Vic deep in concentration as they compete to be the Iron Editor
id: 27113
Vic works on his video
id: 27114
Bryce was the host
id: 27115
Spiffy tie, Bryce
id: 27116
Even Render chan needs dinner!
id: 27117
This guy had a neat breathing apparatus
id: 27118
The lobby was full of nerds!
id: 27119
Omar watches his video
id: 27120
The Iron Editor audience
id: 27121
Amanda as Render chan
id: 27122
Vic won!
id: 27123
These people were creepy and were also having a tea party
id: 27124
The glass elevators as seen from the outside
id: 27125
Bryce approaches..
id: 27126
Jackie, Alan, and Bryce walking to Chili's
id: 27127
This guy had a kind of cool costume
id: 27128
Sakura and Naruto at the bar
id: 27129
Bryce reviews the menu again
id: 27130
Alan takes a look in this accidental panorama
id: 27131
Our hotel had some neat art on the side
id: 27132
Lockeed Martin was nearby!
id: 27133
Our hotel
id: 27134
The art on the side again
id: 27135
Cosplayers in the street? A con must be nearby!
id: 27136
A crane!
id: 27137
Chun Li!
id: 27138
This guy was pretty bummed that the pool was closed
id: 27139
id: 27140
I found an Otakon ballot in with the AUSA ballots!
id: 27141
Brian and Omar in the control booth
id: 27142
Keep the audio in the yellow!
id: 27143
Yoko and Kamina!
id: 27144
I snagged a pic of Jupiter, Ganymede, Io, and Callisto while on the balcony! Ganymede shows up especially well
id: 27145
Captain N and.. Captain N!
id: 27146
This girl was popular
id: 27148
Me and Albert got pizza!
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