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Pictures taken on 11/22/09

id: 27149
A very impressive Sailor Moon
id: 27150
Cosplayers in the bar!
id: 27151
The hotel at night
id: 27152
Bryce and I ran the 1am to 4am "To Be Determined" slot
id: 27153
We determined that old 80s cartoons rule!
id: 27154
This is how we controled everything. We essentially VNCed into Vic's server from a nicer computer
id: 27155
Nice keyboard, handy in the dark
id: 27156
It's got a nifty, but dumb, little screen
id: 27157
Bryce looks so sad!
id: 27158
Amanda made a magnet mobius strip!
id: 27159
She also made... this thing
id: 27160
Packing up! So soon
id: 27161
Get everything in boxes
id: 27162
Por favor NO USE?? Is that for real?
id: 27163
Omar is crazy with the Ethiopian food
id: 27164
The companion cube ballot box
id: 27165
Vic found a weird wallscroll
id: 27166
Joanna ended up taking it
id: 27167
Vic hanging out
id: 27168
Waiting to load the van
id: 27169
All of Vic's equipment in the staging area in the lobby
id: 27170
Loading the van
id: 27171
Bryce considers the night ahead
id: 27172
I organized a voicemail bomb on Bryce
id: 27173
Alan's weird "pull internet out of the air" setup
id: 27174
Watching SickAnimation on McKeed's laptop
id: 27175
Hanging out in the room
id: 27176
Everyone holds the elevator
id: 27177
McKeed enjoys some appetizers at the staff dinner
id: 27178
Bryce and McKeed at dinner
id: 27179
We got our own menu!
id: 27180
McKeed plays with magnets
id: 27181
The only way to mix Midori
id: 27182
Bryce hanging out
id: 27183
Alan checks his phone
id: 27184
Joy sitting around
id: 27185
McKeed grills my sister
id: 27186
Everyone gathers around to look at a photo of Becky
id: 27187
Joy's sister get the McKeed treatment too!
id: 27188
A great face from Amanda
id: 27189
Vic's sweet laptop
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