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Pictures taken on 11/23/09

id: 27190
Jeff tries his hand at I Wanna Be The Guy
id: 27191
Vic imparts useful advice
id: 27192
Bryce loses it when Jeff dies by accident
id: 27193
Jeff hard at work
id: 27194
A closeup of the game
id: 27195
You have to fight Mike Tyson!!
id: 27196
Everyone gathered around
id: 27197
Bryce wears his con badge in a different way..
id: 27198
Wave goodbye!
id: 27199
See you at new years!
id: 27200
Alan loads the trunk
id: 27201
Bryce grabs the receipt for parking
id: 27202
id: 27203
The Washington monument
id: 27204
A nice shot of the Washington and Jefferson monuments
id: 27205
Another shot of the Capitol
id: 27206
id: 27207
Pennsylvania Ave again!
id: 27208
The Goddard Space Flight Center!!
id: 27209
An odd billboard
id: 27210
It's hard to read but this guy's license plate says "GASSPASR"
id: 27211
The bay again
id: 27212
An odd traffic sign
id: 27213
Bryce is sick of driving
id: 27214
Nearly back!
id: 27215
My loot! An Asuka figurine, an AUSA badge, and some DVDs from McKeed. I also got two wallscrolls but I left them in Bryce's car
id: 27216
A closeup of my Asuka figurine
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