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Pictures taken on 12/25/09

id: 27276
Christmas morning at Mom's house!
id: 27277
The kitties were out in full force
id: 27278
Perplexus! A 3D marble labyrinth
id: 27279
Excellent, I've been meaning to read this
id: 27280
Haha, I love how I get Christmas cards sent to "yatpay"..
id: 27281
The outside of Uncle Michael and Aunt Diane's card
id: 27282
Becky got some pants!
id: 27283
I got a sushi plush!
id: 27284
And wasabi and pickled ginger!
id: 27285
This wrapping paper seemed kinf of creepy
id: 27286
Aunt Kathy got me a page-a-day calendar!
id: 27287
Mom's turn to open presents
id: 27288
A myserious gift from Topaz
id: 27289
Two perfectly ordinary books?
id: 27290
Nope! A book vault! Now I need to think of something to hide in it
id: 27291
Neil got a little deranged with all the paper around
id: 27292
Becky gets ready to open some more presents
id: 27293
Becky opens my present!
id: 27294
What could it be?
id: 27295
id: 27296
id: 27297
It's a replica of Hermione's wand!
id: 27298
"Swish and flick!"
id: 27299
I got a Zelda t-shirt! This will surely boost my nerd cred
id: 27300
Becky managed to get me a NASA DVD collection that I didn't already have! This is going to be good stuff
id: 27301
This is the label I put on Becky's present
id: 27302
I got two titanium sporks!
id: 27303
Macaroni sniffs around
id: 27304
I got some nice comfy jeans!
id: 27305
Becky's having fun
id: 27306
Mom got me this amazing framed print of Rakka!
id: 27307
Time to learn more about my cat's namesake
id: 27308
Becky got me those awesome caramel cookies from Amsterdam!
id: 27309
Excellent! Planetes! No more waiting for Netflix for me!
id: 27310
How did he do it??
id: 27311
Becky's spiffy new sunglasses
id: 27312
Looking good, Becky
id: 27313
Mom got me a mixer! This will be handy for podcasting
id: 27314
If you look carefully, you will see a cat embedded in this tree
id: 27315
Paper is fun!
id: 27316
I got a sports jacket!
id: 27317
Stockings! And tiny kitty stockings! Buzz (or was it Neil..) actually took his mouse out of his stocking early!
id: 27318
Mmm, Christmas breakfast
id: 27319
Greg was at Gragra's!
id: 27320
Inspecting the picture machine
id: 27321
Also known as Aunt Teresa's new camera
id: 27322
Gragra opens a box
id: 27323
Gragra's completely insane robot dog.. its laughing will curdle your blood
id: 27324
Becky gives me a look
id: 27325
Aunt Teresa got a Snuggie and Gragra got a "Cuddler".. time to compare!
id: 27326
The Snuggie is certainly more stylish
id: 27327
Aunt Teresa puts the Snuggie on
id: 27328
id: 27329
These two are going to regret these pictures..
id: 27330
Who won? I"m not telling!
id: 27331
The audience for the Snuggie show
id: 27332
Greg tries his hand at the Perplexus
id: 27333
It's harder than it looks
id: 27334
Uncle Chris and Becky
id: 27335
Gragra in her "Stephen Hawking" slanty pose
id: 27336
Gragra with her Cuddler
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