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Pictures taken on 12/31/09

id: 27369
It just wouldn't be Alancon without Rock Band
id: 27370
Naruto Roll??
id: 27371
Alan and Albert in Kabuki
id: 27372
Jefferson inspects the camera
id: 27373
Waiting to be seated
id: 27374
Mckeed and Vic
id: 27375
Traeonna and Albert
id: 27376
Flying Monkey roll, I believe
id: 27377
Piles of sushi
id: 27378
We got the big platter
id: 27379
And Mckeed wasted no time!
id: 27380
The freaks at the other end of the table
id: 27381
Albert and Botox
id: 27382
If you check the timestamps, you'll see that the giant platter barely lasted ten minutes
id: 27383
The infamous Alan Punch
id: 27384
Hanging out and playing games
id: 27385
The view through the Rock Band drums
id: 27386
Playing House of the Dead on the Wii
id: 27387
Jefferson vegges out
id: 27388
Delicious Pizza
id: 27389
Amanda takes a shot
id: 27390
Such concentration
id: 27391
Joanna chooses to surf the net
id: 27392
Vic watches some Wii
id: 27393
One of Alan's model kits
id: 27394
Kill them zombies dead! This is the last picture of the decade!
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