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Pictures taken on 01/02/10

id: 27472
Jeff had the job of recording the screen in case something AMAZING happened
id: 27473
Amazing things usually happened when no one was recording it
id: 27474
A fine video game audience
id: 27475
Omar got really into Frisbee Golf
id: 27476
Vic and Bryce were less enthusiastic
id: 27477
Omar loves Frisbee Golf!!
id: 27478
Mckeed.. thinks about something
id: 27479
id: 27480
Omar's living it up with his sleeping bag and beer
id: 27481
Ben settles in for the lurid show
id: 27482
Now there's a pair
id: 27483
That's right folks, it's hentai time
id: 27484
Vic always enjoys a good hentai showing
id: 27485
But apparently not as much as Bryce
id: 27486
Jefferson was up bright and early (at 12:30) for breakfast!
id: 27487
Omar walks in front of Serious Business Bryce
id: 27488
Hey, I know that guy!
id: 27489
The detritus of Bryce's Wawa lunches
id: 27490
Seated at Michael's!
id: 27491
Ready to order?
id: 27492
Albert needs some chap stick or something
id: 27493
Pickle bar!
id: 27494
Bryce loves pickles
id: 27495
id: 27496
"The lemons look like ears!" "..or anime eyes"
id: 27497
Vic takes no joy from pillaging the pickle bar
id: 27498
Food time!
id: 27499
Leaving Michael's
id: 27500
Bryce noticed an unusual item in the claw machine
id: 27501
Stuffed Junior Mints?
id: 27502
I was taking a picture of myself, but the one I got of Albert is priceless
id: 27503
Bryce and I polished off two cheesesteaks each
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