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Pictures taken on 01/17/10

id: 27627
Jessie caught me taking her picture
id: 27628
James explains something to Bryce
id: 27629
Michele tells a story?
id: 27630
A nice shot of Michele
id: 27631
Talking to Mike on Skype!
id: 27632
Mike in Japan!
id: 27633
Playing Party Guests
id: 27634
Brett was a boob
id: 27635
Party Guests was a lot of fun
id: 27636
If a little baffling..
id: 27637
Ganon crashes the party
id: 27638
With a disasterous outcome
id: 27639
Bryce looks a little deranaged
id: 27640
"Touch me!"
id: 27641
Brett had fun
id: 27642
Tony was a good Party Guest host
id: 27643
Rosie catches it all on "film"
id: 27644
John gets ready for bed
id: 27645
Spiffy blanket
id: 27646
Bryce fell asleep almost instantly
id: 27647
James on the air mattress
id: 27648
Choosing final songs?
id: 27649
Be sure to leave the laptop open so I can charge my various gadgets!
id: 27650
We threw an empty beer can at Bryce's face to try to make him stop snoring. No dice
id: 27651
Flo knocked a nearly full beer bottle onto the ground in the middle of the night
id: 27652
That's where my head was the night before.. good thing I moved!
id: 27653
James checks something out on the computer
id: 27654
Everyone was sleepy when we left since Bryce had to be back by 7
id: 27655
My Project 365 photo for Sunday
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