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Pictures taken on 03/07/10

id: 27768
Everyone on the dance floor
id: 27769
The groom's mom
id: 27770
The DJ again
id: 27771
Johnny and Uncle Peter
id: 27772
I liked this one too so I kept it
id: 27773
Clouds in the distance
id: 27774
Fancy boats
id: 27775
The view of the cruise ships from the ground
id: 27776
Palm trees!
id: 27777
Picture of the day!
id: 27778
The hotel lobby
id: 27779
Neat lights
id: 27780
You can see boats right from the lobby
id: 27781
id: 27782
I got another window seat!
id: 27783
Where's the dot go?
id: 27784
Waiting in line behind another 737
id: 27785
Non-circular inlets!
id: 27786
Another plane
id: 27787
I liked the reflection of the clouds on the wing
id: 27788
And away they go!
id: 27789
id: 27790
I'm in the skyyy
id: 27791
Source: Public Water Supply
id: 27792
Clouds and shadows!
id: 27793
id: 27794
An island!
id: 27795
id: 27796
Getting lower..
id: 27797
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