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Pictures taken on 04/01/10

id: 27813
Ready to rock
id: 27814
"Where're you going?"
id: 27815
The good ol' Hynes
id: 27816
Snazzy bed
id: 27817
I'll take the couch. I eventually ended up with couch cushions on the floor but it was comfy
id: 27818
We got a big triangular banner this year!
id: 27819
The 2010 Staff shirt
id: 27820
Taking the elevator down
id: 27821
The registration line!
id: 27822
Nice rocket
id: 27823
Not endorsed by NASA
id: 27824
Laying fiber optic cable
id: 27825
I had to hold it at the corner so it didn't rumb against the column
id: 27826
A DDR machine!
id: 27827
The fiber optic ended up becoming a real mess
id: 27828
Main Events being set up
id: 27829
How many AB staffers does it take to untangle a cable..
id: 27830
Setting up a video room
id: 27831
This is one giant speaker
id: 27832
Mike Lee talks at the All Hands Meeting. I missed it this year
id: 27833
Tech ops!
id: 27834
The Tech higher ups
id: 27835
Mike Lee seems confused
id: 27836
It's like Desmond's looking right at me!
id: 27837
Melissa looks bored
id: 27838
My schedule for this year
id: 27839
Marion, the schedule master!
id: 27840
This is Steven's (on the right) first con, and he's already staff!
id: 27841
So many radios!
id: 27842
What's in the case?
id: 27843
My badge was a real mess this year
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