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Pictures taken on 04/02/10

id: 27844
Cosplayers in the mall! Let the madness begin!
id: 27845
The program guide this year
id: 27846
Brian was also staffing/attending a con for the first time
id: 27847
Ben got a neat headset
id: 27848 id: 27849
DOKool at his... DOKoolest.... >_>
id: 27850
The poor souls who came to DOKool's panel
id: 27851
Setting up for Anime Squares
id: 27852
Patrick, the tallest man in the world
id: 27853
This year's mascots
id: 27854
Nice wallpaper
id: 27855
Patrick and Sketch!
id: 27856
Travis Touchdown won a prize!
id: 27857
No one picked Patrick, so he put ;_; on his iPhone
id: 27858
Gary Oak joined the squares!
id: 27859
Duke Nukem.. with a unicycle!
id: 27860
Oh no! Hunters!
id: 27861
This is nearly the same picture, but there is a weird laser grid on it. I think it was a rangefinder from someone's camera
id: 27862
A whole Left 4 Dead crew!
id: 27863
I saw this guy on the escalator
id: 27864
Nice sign, Rorschach
id: 27865
Lightning from FFXIII
id: 27866
The Main Events area as seen from the escalator
id: 27867
Jefferson came!
id: 27868
Bioshock characters!
id: 27869
Legend of Zelda cosplayers
id: 27870
I'm a big fan of this shirt.. but I probably shouldn't wear it at Baldwin..
id: 27871
Anime Boston shot glass!
id: 27872
With the mascots!
id: 27873
I bought some pins! Haunter is my favorite pokemon
id: 27874
I put them on my vest
id: 27875
I got a Muk for Bryce, his favorite
id: 27876
Ready to hit the con floor
id: 27877
A heavy!
id: 27878
Light is up to no good
id: 27879
I kept running into these Valkyria Chronicles cosplayers. They were great!
id: 27880
Nerds buying Chinese food!
id: 27881
This was good, but I felt kind of sick after..
id: 27882
Weird cosplayers wandering through the food court
id: 27883
Sketch ran the 18+ Anime Dating Game!
id: 27884
Commander and her friends had their green screen picture taken in costume!
id: 27885
That girl with the big gun I see every year
id: 27886
Commander hates cameras
id: 27887
A well done Yoko cosplayer was Sketch's assistant
id: 27888
id: 27889
Jefferson came too
id: 27890
The Dating Game continues..
id: 27891
Yoko with the laptop
id: 27892
Techies at work
id: 27893
There is apparently some anime with countries as characters, this is America hassling Russia
id: 27894
Russia and America
id: 27895
Oh my. Relations have really improved since the Cold War
id: 27896
People running out of the room?
id: 27897
Gary Oak, Jiraiya and Yoko
id: 27898
I... really don't know what's going on here
id: 27899
They gave me a radio!
id: 27900
This guy showed up for
id: 27901
The mixer I use to control the mics
id: 27902
My radio!
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