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Pictures taken on 04/03/10

id: 27903
Billy Mays, why do you have a Shamwow?
id: 27904
A huge Left 4 Dead crew outside
id: 27905
Zoey's got a molotov!
id: 27907
Looks like someone else scaped from Vault 101
id: 27908
The Prudential tower!
id: 27909
There are some weird people at Anime Boston..
id: 27910
This guy was just standing around like this..
id: 27911
Naruto characters!
id: 27912
Standing in the wind
id: 27913
Why so glum, Heavy?
id: 27914
Zoey takes some pictures
id: 27915
Nick and a Boomer have a conversation
id: 27916
Zoey with pills and a molotov!
id: 27917
Neat umbrella
id: 27918
Her SPOON is too big!
id: 27919
Ack! Missingno! Hide your Pokemon cartridges!
id: 27920
This guy was great, and it was even better when I noticed the art in his hand later
id: 27921
A large group of Soul Eater cosplayers
id: 27922
A Hellsing group!
id: 27923
The interior of this guy's costume was all cardboard and duct tape
id: 27924
Guy Fawkes sure has mellowed out
id: 27925
Another good Zelda group
id: 27926
The Silk Spectre!
id: 27927
A sweet Princess Tutu cosplayer
id: 27928
Blue haired girl on the escalator?
id: 27929
You see a lot of people playing on their DS at Anime Boston..
id: 27930
The prince himself!
id: 27931
id: 27932
Weird costume
id: 27933
I knew I'd find some Na'vi!
id: 27934
A non-flash version
id: 27935
Rorschach with his face on
id: 27936
Metal Gear!?
id: 27937
Riding up the escalator
id: 27938
Commie bastards!
id: 27939
I found them and got another picture
id: 27940
Chell with a sweet photobomber in the background
id: 27941
Mr. Nobuo Uematsu! The composer for the Final Fantasy series!
id: 27942
Proj365 picture with Nobuo!
id: 27943
A weird furry dude waiting to ask a question
id: 27944
So many techies!
id: 27945
These guys ran cosplay court
id: 27946
The cosplay court baliffs made shadow puppets!
id: 27947
And fun was had by all
id: 27948
This made me laugh
id: 27949
Pit from Smash Brothers!
id: 27950
I missed the AMV contest this year so I took a picture of the ballot to look it up later
id: 27951
The other side of the ballot
id: 27952
Looks like we've upgraded to widescreen displays this year!
id: 27953
The Main Events stage is neat
id: 27954
Desmond lays down some cables
id: 27955
id: 27956
That weird box guy!
id: 27957
He needed a hug
id: 27958
Naruto as the demon fox
id: 27959
Anime Boston's safe broke! A safe expert had to crack it!
id: 27960
Looks like it took a while
id: 27961
Singing the Hentai Dubbing theme!
id: 27962
Dick Tripwire can feel the energy!
id: 27963
Everyone is psyched!
id: 27964
Someone had an iPad in the audience! Assuming they came out at midnight, it had only been 22 and a half hours!
id: 27965
Dick Tripwire sets up the first participants
id: 27966
Captain Jack Sparrow did well
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