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Pictures taken on 04/04/10

id: 27967
I thought this camera looked oddly menacing from this angle
id: 27968
Me and Dick Tripwire!
id: 27969
The Anime Boston Dance!
id: 27970
With earplugs is was actually pretty neat since it was all nerdy music. Where else will you hear the Katamari theme at 130 decibels?
id: 27971
id: 27972
id: 27973
id: 27974
The DJ
id: 27975
I bought this at Artist's Alley
id: 27976
I had my anime caricature done for my mom
id: 27977
Matt the Mat!
id: 27978
Nobuo again!
id: 27979
id: 27980
Little Ed was very popular at the FMA panel
id: 27982
Big ol' box of cables
id: 27983
Putting a screen frame away
id: 27984
Wheeling boxes around
id: 27985
Assembling the equipment in Panel A
id: 27986
What a mess!
id: 27987
I got an award!
id: 27988
Loading stuff into the truck!
id: 27989
Is that all we are to these vendors?
id: 27990
Spiffy hat, Matt
id: 27991
Matt and Steven show the backs of their shirts
id: 27992
Sean and the truck guy
id: 27993
Taking a quick break
id: 27994
Holding boxes on the lift
id: 27995
That huge box only holds a projector! It's huge!
id: 27996
A sea of radios!
id: 27997
What's up, Desmond?
id: 27998
I got some reading done while waiting for everything to wrap up
id: 27999
Mike Lee surrenders his radio.. the last one!
id: 28000
Napping during Mike's speech?
id: 28001
Mike's got a little captain in him
id: 28002
Melissa yells at everyone to get their attention
id: 28003
Desmond seems pretty relaxed after a tough weekend
id: 28004
It's always sad to see the convention center empty again
id: 28005
A blimp!
id: 28006
The Apple store across the street was popular.. damn iPad
id: 28007
The back of the bus! Where the cool kids sit
id: 28008
Matt made some gross faces
id: 28009
Mike Lee's brother, Connor, I think.
id: 28010
Demond takes some pictures
id: 28011
Driving to the Dead Dog party!
id: 28012
Desmond's psyched
id: 28013
The bus we took
id: 28014
This year's party was at Big City, a place with pool and a great beer list
id: 28015
Piling into the building
id: 28016
Cool setup with the pool cues!
id: 28017
Everyone was amazed
id: 28018
id: 28019
I played some pool!
id: 28020
Lloyd lines up a shot
id: 28021
The food line was pretty long
id: 28022
Matt's turn
id: 28023
Steven took my picture with his disposable camera
id: 28024
A 23 ounce glass of Sam Adams Boston Ale!
id: 28025
Steven was pretty good!
id: 28026
Well this picture turned out kind of goofy
id: 28027
Team Nemesis!
id: 28028
Me and that banana guy!
id: 28029
Me and Desmond!
id: 28030
Me and Marion!
id: 28031
Matt's full of crazy faces
id: 28032
Me and Matt Darling! We used to be in Latin class together, now we just see each other at Anime Boston
id: 28033
Me and Matt!
id: 28034
Me and Jason, my roommate for two years running
id: 28035
I forget this guy's name but he was in the Video Game Orchestra and played pool with us
id: 28036
Despondent Desmond.. also, why is there a temporary tattoo on his forehead?
id: 28037
Me and Mike Lee!
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