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Pictures taken on 04/05/10

id: 28038
Me and Pool Teacher Lloyd!
id: 28039
The TV in the hotel crashed!
id: 28040
Matt sure looked creepy on the escaltor railing..
id: 28041
I had 40 texts in the morning! Damn Twitter!
id: 28042
Aw, now that's a sad sight
id: 28043
There were still some cosplayers around.. albeit packed up and leaving..
id: 28044
Idiots waiting for the Apple store to open.. wait.. if I'm here taking the picture... oh no! I'm all idiots!
id: 28045
Yes, the infamous iPad
id: 28046
It's really an ideal manga reader
id: 28047
I had to see something familiar with it
id: 28048
Oh Apple. How do you be so smug?
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