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Pictures taken on 07/29/10

id: 28252
Hi Dave!
id: 28253
id: 28254
Tossing a ball around?
id: 28255
The huge stack of wireless routers!
id: 28256
Configuring them is hard
id: 28257
New backup equipment!
id: 28258
Sweet floppy disk..
id: 28259
Hard at work, Dave?
id: 28260
Back in Baltimore!
id: 28261
Vic and Amanda!
id: 28262
Tough Guy Albert
id: 28263
Jeff and Joy
id: 28264
I approve of this shirt
id: 28265
Otakon staff badge pickup!
id: 28266
id: 28267
Waiting for my badge to be printed
id: 28268
Vic had to get a new picture taken too
id: 28269
More staffers trickle in
id: 28270
Hey, I know that guy!
id: 28271
Putting my picture on the badge
id: 28272
id: 28273
My badge!
id: 28274
Ooo, chain lanyard things
id: 28275
This guy got stuck half way into the intersection
id: 28276
The good ol' Baltimore Convention Center!
id: 28277
Now that we have our badges, it's time to head to Con Ops
id: 28278
Waiting to find out the situation in Video 1
id: 28279
Amanda sitting around
id: 28280
Alan, Omar, and Jeff
id: 28281
Alan makes a funny face
id: 28282
Ooo, how do I join?
id: 28283
Mike Lee, Anime Boston's Tech Director!
id: 28284
A lot of AB staffers also work Otakon
id: 28285
Carl on the phone
id: 28286
An army of staffers assembling badges
id: 28287
The empty BCC
id: 28288
This'll be cram packed within 24 hours
id: 28289
I don't think I've ever seen the floor on this area..
id: 28290
Down the escaltor!
id: 28291
id: 28292
So empty!
id: 28293
Last year's Video 1, this year's game room!
id: 28294
Alan is following us!
id: 28295
Con center staffer?
id: 28296
Jessie from Toy Story!
id: 28297
Proj365 picture!
id: 28298
Hey, it's Bryce and Albert!
id: 28299
They go to the BCC faster on foot than we did in the van!
id: 28300
Albert looks like he's falling horizontally!
id: 28301
Hey, it's that place where we are
id: 28302
This is one lazy engineer
id: 28303
id: 28304
Baltimore loves us
id: 28305
Seen in the back of a car
id: 28306
Vic's infamous server
id: 28307
Fork Lift Hero
id: 28308
id: 28309
Mmm, pizza
id: 28310
Burger place?
id: 28311
Jeff waiting for his burger
id: 28312
Amanda opts for the chicken place
id: 28313
Pretty Baltimore sky
id: 28314
Golden hour?
id: 28315
Amanda opens the new Render-chan art
id: 28316
id: 28317
Vic works with the DSL guys to get his equipment hooked up
id: 28318
Video 1! All 2,312 seats of it
id: 28319
There I am!
id: 28320
The AMV crew
id: 28321
In con mode
id: 28322
Vic wearing normal glasses.. weird
id: 28323
The Otakon mascots!
id: 28324
Vic gets to work on calibrating his equipment
id: 28325
Calibrating video!
id: 28326
Hey, cool, I get an
id: 28327
And of course, an
id: 28328
The empty third floor..
id: 28329
Heading back to the hotel
id: 28330
Lights near the harbor
id: 28331
Lit up skyscraper
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