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Pictures taken on 07/30/10

id: 28332
I drank a bucket of booze with Jeff and Omar!
id: 28333
Omar seems excited
id: 28334
Jeff and Joy!
id: 28335
Bryce talked me into going to Howl at the Moon
id: 28336
So many straws
id: 28337
Omar is a man of many faces
id: 28338
Mike is excited
id: 28339
..and singing
id: 28340
Bryce checks his phone
id: 28341
Oof, this is pretty creepy, even for Bryce
id: 28342
Watching the band
id: 28343
Hi Joy!
id: 28344
Omar sure is excited about something
id: 28345
The Rainbow War begins!
id: 28346
The rainbow made it to the other bucket!
id: 28347
Go, Omar, go!
id: 28348
It's beautiful!
id: 28349
Ahh, it's not that stable!
id: 28350
Oh, it's OK
id: 28351
The rainbow's even bigger!
id: 28352
You've done it, Omar!
id: 28353
Ah, the tragic end of the rainbow
id: 28354
Heading down to the convention center on Friday
id: 28355
Waiting for the light..
id: 28356
Bryce want donut!
id: 28357
Amanda ended up recycling that cup holder several times throughout the weekend
id: 28358
Bryce went with the best badge.. the crab badge!
id: 28359
Magnet man!
id: 28360
A Reki cosplayer! Hoorraaay, there are still Haibane cosplayers!
id: 28361
A great TF2 troupe!
id: 28362
Spiffy costume, Peter!
id: 28363
Vic's mixer.. Vixer..
id: 28364
Time to play the Overflow! Well.. some of it
id: 28365
A fan asked Vic for his autograph!
id: 28366
Vic was happy to oblige
id: 28367
Amanda was thoroughly amused
id: 28368
Final Fantasy cosplayers!
id: 28369
Sniper wolf!
id: 28370
The crowd thickens
id: 28371
Look how many people are in line for the AMV contest!
id: 28372
A great Chise from Saikano
id: 28373
Here they come..
id: 28374
We had a lot of ballots
id: 28375
Vic rushes to direct the line
id: 28376
Go that way!
id: 28377
Go THAT way!
id: 28378
Omar joins in
id: 28379
Look how many people came to the first showing!
id: 28380
We really packed them in
id: 28381
This is Amanda's
id: 28382
The view from the back of the room
id: 28383
We got over 1,000 ballots after the first showing!
id: 28384
Power equipment
id: 28385
Mr. Desmond Wooten!
id: 28386
A great Yoko cosplayer!
id: 28387
The audience for the show that killed AMV Overflow. As you can see, it was standing room only
id: 28388
Moving the equipment back upstairs
id: 28389
Don't bump it!
id: 28390
Opening the ballot box
id: 28391
Impressive Iron Man cosplayer!
id: 28392
Counting ballots!
id: 28393
Sometimes people draw us cool things
id: 28394
This guy really liked.. whatever category that is
id: 28395
Oh come on, I like Smash Mouth!
id: 28396
What is this guy even trying to vote for?
id: 28397
More cool artwork!
id: 28398
Counting is fun!
id: 28399
Jeff loves it
id: 28400
More awesome ballot artwork
id: 28401
This guy voted for every video except 29.. and then gave 29 his best in show vote
id: 28402
Aww, bye bye!
id: 28403
Wow, this guy went all out!
id: 28404
I took a bunch of ballot counting pictures on Friday when we weren't up against a hard deadline
id: 28405
Reading off vote numbers
id: 28406
Amanda types away. Note the coin flip app on the G1
id: 28407
Nearly done, Jeff!
id: 28408
The last little pile
id: 28409
I think this guy is a combination of Protoman and John Conner..
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