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Pictures taken on 08/28/10

id: 29091
What's all this commotion in the distance?
id: 29092
It's Ralph Wilson Stadium!
id: 29093
And it is all lit up tonight!
id: 29094
The Buffalo Bills are playing the Cincinnati Bengals
id: 29095
This guy was selling all sorts of lights
id: 29096
Getting closer..
id: 29097
A news van!
id: 29098
id: 29099
Project 365!
id: 29100
Bright lights
id: 29101
The back of the giant screen
id: 29102
I always think it's Ralph Wiggum Stadium
id: 29103
Hey, I know that logo!
id: 29104
id: 29105
A memorial rock in the parking lot
id: 29106
The giant screen!
id: 29107
Fans in the stands
id: 29108
This guy had those light cones and was guiding traffic
id: 29109
Another light guy
id: 29110
Buffalo seems like an odd place for an outdoor stadium
id: 29111
Well that was fun
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