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Pictures taken on 09/10/10

id: 29371
Bryce seems super excited to be here
id: 29372
Topaz snapped this picture of me from the back seat
id: 29373
Bryce checks out the menu at Fuji Grill
id: 29374
Topaz wants all of the above
id: 29375
What to order?
id: 29376
Our meals being prepared!
id: 29377
Bryce and Topaz got some sake. I was the driver :(
id: 29378
Checking stuff on the G1
id: 29379
My awesome sushi platter!
id: 29380
Closeup on the goodness
id: 29381
Grab a roll!
id: 29382
Topaz does not approve of dipping it in soy sauce
id: 29383
Topaz's favorite part of the day
id: 29384
Bryce got some cool new glasses
id: 29385
id: 29386
Bryce had a good time
id: 29387
Neil and Buzz get reaquainted with Bryce
id: 29388
What the hell is up with this ATM?
id: 29389
Texting in the convenience store
id: 29390
Weird lens on the security camera
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