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Pictures taken on 09/22/10

id: 29599
Looking back the path at some nature preserve
id: 29600
Neat building
id: 29601
The road ahead
id: 29602
Nice fence
id: 29603
Weird viewing area
id: 29604
id: 29605
Unusual bird?
id: 29606
The bird's flying away!
id: 29607
What's this column piece doing here?
id: 29608
Mysterious column on the shore
id: 29609
Lighthouse and that bird again
id: 29610
Looking at the rocks that lead out into the lake
id: 29611
The path got more and more rocky
id: 29612
Buffalo skyline
id: 29613
Looking back on the path
id: 29614
The skyway
id: 29615
A closeup of the cool rocks
id: 29616
I love depth of field pictures
id: 29617
id: 29618
Rocks and some water obstacle
id: 29619
For stopping boats?
id: 29620
Ominous sky
id: 29621
The HSBC tower
id: 29622
Looking back from the end of the path
id: 29623
The column piece again
id: 29624
This animal on the path wound up being a cat
id: 29625
Skyline and barbed wire fence
id: 29626
What's this animal track? The cat?
id: 29627
A few tracks
id: 29628
Another observation area
id: 29629
Information on a panel
id: 29630
What is this, a marsh?
id: 29631
id: 29632
There are supposed to be birds in there..
id: 29633
This is where I was, apparently
id: 29634
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