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Pictures taken on 09/23/10

id: 29635
Topaz has beer in Macanudo?? What's going on?
id: 29636
Everyone's got beer!
id: 29637
"No pictures!"
id: 29638
Is that a beer cart??
id: 29639
Our CEO, Ron Frankel, handed out beer to everyone at work!
id: 29640
It was to thank everyone for all their hard work lately
id: 29641
The plan was to bring beer to the people, but word spread fast
id: 29642
It wasn't just crap like Bud Light, either. Good stuff!
id: 29643
Looking through the selection
id: 29644
"I want that one"
id: 29645
Protect the beer!
id: 29646
The line increases
id: 29647
Joe hides from the camera
id: 29648
Macanduo has beer!
id: 29649
Everyone has beer!
id: 29650
Word got out quickly via the general chat
id: 29651
John got wasted. No, not really.
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