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Pictures taken on 09/29/10

id: 29672
Matt brought his baby in!
id: 29673
id: 29674
The sky is in fire!
id: 29675
Holy crap! What a crazy sunset!
id: 29676
It was really amazing
id: 29677
Firey clouds!
id: 29678
Potential wallpaper material?
id: 29679
This would've been a really cool picture if it weren't for the crap on the edges. I might have to photoshop it
id: 29680
Tree on sunset
id: 29681
Check out this sweet tree!
id: 29682
Optimus Prime?
id: 29683
This truck looked neat with the sunset behind it
id: 29684
id: 29685
Fire in the sky!
id: 29686
Neat clouds in the difference
id: 29687
Well, that was a fun sunset
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