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Pictures taken on 09/30/10

id: 29688
What could b in this package?
id: 29689
Ohmygodohmygod! It's my new phone!
id: 29690
It's a G2! A variant of the HTC Desire Z
id: 29691
The side of the box
id: 29692
Back of the box
id: 29693
There it is!
id: 29694
The aluminum back feels nice and cool on my phone
id: 29695
The side of the phone
id: 29696
The keyboard revealed! The hinge mechanism is buttery smooth
id: 29697
Topaz seems dubious
id: 29698
Unpacking the box more
id: 29699
All the contents of the box
id: 29700
It was nice of them to include the microusb cable
id: 29701
Evo, iPhone, Nexus One, G2, G1! The future is now!
id: 29702
A family portrait of the G2 and G1
id: 29703
id: 29704
Look at that screen! It's so much bigger than the G1's!
id: 29705
G2 with the keyboard open again
id: 29706
Let the customization begin!
id: 29707
The G2 in the cloudy sunlight
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